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Stories of A Girl

By A Woman

My Name is Amanda 

Welcome to my Blog, I appreciate your time. I created this site to share my own personal stories through life. Partially because sharing is healing for me but mostly because I want others who may have been through similar experiences to know they are not alone. Sometimes, This world feels cold and dark, like no one truly understands us. This feels lonely. I know; I have been there many times and still visit on occasion. All I want is for others to feel like they're not alone and that suffering can lead to great things. We all suffer, but we don't have to do so in silence. 



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Life's Biggest Test

Being your TRUE self is terrifying, exhilarating, and exhausting all at the same time. But it is the only way to live. All you will get from me here is real, raw truth. MY truth. Authenticity is the only way to live. 



If one of my stories resonates with you or you have gone through something similar and wish to share, feel free to reach out, I would to hear from you. 

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