I help women crush their food addiction and reclaim their lives using the

'Trauma Blueprint Method'

in 90 Days or less, let connect and break this addiction once and for all!

Welcome...I See You

Love Amanda


  • Do you feel stuck in a shame cloud from your destructive eating patterns?

  • Do you feel exhausted with low self esteem and lacking self confidence?

  • Do you soothe yourself with food?

  • Do you hide your food or lie about how much food you've eaten? 

  • Do you go on roller coaster diets and binges?

  • Do you hate the way you look and avoid mirrors at all costs?

  • Do you avoid intimacy with your partner because you don't feel good about your body?

  • Do you feel unhealthy, tired, and lacking energy throughout the day? 

  • If I were to ask you to give up your favourite food right now, would you panic? 

  • Do you feel like you have control of your life EXCEPT around food? 

  • Does your weight go up and down or do you have difficulty losing or maintaining a healthy weight? 

  • Do you eat in response to emotions coming up that you don't want to deal with? 

  • Do you eat when you're sad and depressed? 

  • Do you feel like you have NO control over what you eat? 

  • Do you feel like you can't STOP eating? 

  • Do you feel like food is controlling your life?

I know EXACTLY what you're going through, I've been there, let me help!

What Is The Trauma Blueprint?

Your ‘Trauma Blueprint’ simply put, is a blueprint of your unhealed pain.  When we experience certain events in our lives, they can leave behind wounds that, if left unaddressed, can cause deep issues in all areas of your life. It’s like having invisible scars on your arms that only you can see.  If someone scraps that wound, intentionally or not, it can act as a trigger that may cause you to lean into behaviours that don’t serve you.


An emotion comes up and you react to that emotion with a certain behaviour, let's say a food binge, and overtime, this becomes a cycle or pattern that you become locked in.  Either consciously or unconsciously, every time you feel 'X' emotion, you are going to reach for that thing (food) to soothe you. 

This is the cycle that all of us go through in every situation in life. We have an experience, we develop a belief about that experience, and then produce a behaviour according to that belief. Our beliefs get stored, acting like a guideline or a map to help us navigate through life. When we have deep seated negative beliefs, we can become rigid and get stuck. Stuck in our fears and destructive behaviours, leading us toward pain, despair, and defeat, and away from joy, authenticity, and love.

Your trauma blueprint is at work here and your core wound is in control, using fear to keep you stuck.

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Coaching keeps me accountable and knowing I get to speak to someone every week who truly understands me keeps me going in the hardest times. The practices and tools I am learning are invaluable. I love coaching!


I have always admired Amanda’s determination in everything she does. Once she decides she is going to commit to something she will do everything possible to make sure the job is done with no regrets. This allows her to blossom so well in the coaching industry because of her dedication to her clients and to her they are not just a pay check they are her opportunity to fulfill her life purpose. You will never not smile with Amanda because of her enlightened perspective on life. Her journey has carried her through some good, bad and ugly experiences that have given a perspective of the purest joy in all that is living. Her perspective and articulate ways will not only bring you joy but it will allow you to truly shift your perspective to all that life has to offer you to thrive as your best self.


Addicts should be coaching other addicts. Knowing that Amanda has been there before and come out the other side makes me WANT to listen to her. She knows what she's talking about and pushes me to do better everyday.

Matt T.




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