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Let’s Work Together


Are you struggling with weight loss, food addiction, or binge eating? Or maybe you just want to get healthier but don't know where to start. If you are looking for self-transformation in a personal and private setting, 1-1 coaching may be for you. Our coaching calls are weekly and held via Zoom. In-person is a possible option depending on your location. In addition to 1-1 attention, this option also includes access to workbooks, online courses, and our Nutrition and Recipe Library.  Session packages are available in 3, 6,9, and 12-month opportunities. Book a Discovery call to learn more and see if we are a good fit! 

Holding Hands


Do you like the vibe of a tribe? Maybe you are more of a social butterfly and enjoy the connection with others, or someone who doesn't necessarily like all the attention on them all the time and would feel more comfortable with a group to take the lead.  Either way, group coaching is an amazing opportunity to work on yourself and grow.  Groups meet once per week, for a minimum of 3 months. You can renew your coaching a the end of the 3 months if you so choose. See if group coaching is right for you and book a no-pressure Discovery call below! 

Group Therapy


Single sessions are great for someone who isn't quite ready for all in coaching and wants to create a set point or what I like to call a launching pad. We spend 90 minutes focused on 1-3 areas you feel stuck in around your food and nutrition, workouts, or habits and behaviors. These sessions are designed to shake things up for you and give you a stronger foundation for change and growth, as well as provide you with a plan of action moving forward. A single session is $150.00 USD, or you can purchase a 3-session pack for $299.00 USD, which are 1 hour each and expire within 90 days of purchase. Click the link below to book your single session or 3-session pack. 

Using the Laptop
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