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Welcome to the Trauma Blueprint Intensive Program!

Welcome to the Trauma Blueprint Intensive Program! I am so happy to have you here, and applaud you on your willingness to take action towards getting to the root of your food addiction!

In this space, you will find all the content you need for this program, including video modules and PDF's for homework. This is the safest space for you to dig deep, get real and vulnerable, and do the hard but necessary work to help you along your journey. 

Please complete the modules in sequence and we will deep dive in our sessions! Also, please visit the Resource Library at the bottom of the page and watch the first video - The Link Between Trauma and Addiction.

Your time is now. You got this.  

Amanda xo


Behaviours, Triggers, Curiosity and Awareness

What behaviours do you have around food that are making you feel like crap and what are the triggers that provoke them? In this module, we identify the WHAT, then incorporate curiosity and awareness to identify the WHY. 


Thoughts, Beliefs, and Evidence


What thoughts are driving your beliefs and where are you looking for proof to confirm them? We can acquire proof of anything if we look hard enough. So what stance have you taken on yourself, your habits, and your life that are keeping you stuck on the merry go round? 

Have you ever looked in the mirror? I mean really looked? It's such a common saying - take a look in the mirror, but do you ever actually do it? This exercise is designed for you to take a look at you, without distraction, and see what comes up for you. How do you really see yourself? What blocked emotions will rise? Be sure to follow the instructions exactly and record everything that comes up!


The Mirror Exercise

So something hits you, triggers you into a food craving. You know the feeling and you know whats coming. But what if you had a strategy? Funny enough, time is always such a powerful and useful tool to help us through anything. Apply the ten minute rule to when you're next unwanted food craving hits.

The Ten Minute Rule


The Stages Of Healing


Healing is a necessary part of growth and how we truly grow. Experiencing each stage of healing authentically will allow for TRUE change in behaviour, mindset, and heart set. It can shift your relationships and help attain inner peace. Go through the stages of healing and be honest through each stage.  


The more grateful we are, the more we are able to see the blessings in every day. gratitude brings us into the present and allows for us to focus on what's good in our lives. Too often we are focusing on what we don't have. But by practising gratitude on a daily basis, or life becomes full of miracles we didn't realize we had. 



More Modules Coming Soon


Congratulations! You'e finished!!!!

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