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  Welcome to your members page!!!  

Members Area 

This page is where you can access all your membership stuff like PDF downloads, videos, and links. It is a private area ONLY for members. I am so happy you have taken this journey and humbled to be there with you! 


Self Love Journal 

This guided PDF is all about the journey into Self Love. I purchased this journal through Loner Wolf, so please only use it for yourself. It was not created by me all rights reserved for them. I have found great comfort and peace from this journal and I hope you will also! 

Yoga Practice

20 Minute Stretching Video

Take a load off and unwind while getting in some much needed stretching. Enjoy this 20 minute full body stretching video I found on Youtube. Great for de stressing after a  long day! 


Tasty and Healthy Recipes 

Feel free to download and explore these recipes! To help you along in your journey of health and wellness, I have included some recipes to help add some creativity in the kitchen! Be sure to share in the group if you try one and let us know how it is! 


Goal Setting Worksheet 

Get real about your goals and learn how to set, measure, and execute them! 

Remember, it's about what YOU want, not what other people want. 

This is YOUR life. Live it in your own beautiful and authentic way. 

Open Book

Book List 

I have put together my shortlist of most impactful and amazing books I have read. Each one has helped me along my journey in someway, and I want to pass that along to you. I highly recommend each book on this list and would even be happy to read again along with you! 

Sleeping Kitten

Why is Sleep So Important?

How important is sleep? Well, it's pretty damn important! Download this PDF to take a look at the role sleep plays in our health and overall wellness, including weight loss. 

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