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90 Day Food Addiction Accelerator

What's Included:

  • 18 Group Coaching Sessions ​

  • Identify what is REALLY holding you back and how to fix it using the Trauma Blueprint Method 

  • Worksheets and homework every session

  • Identifying triggers and habit loops

  • Simplified Nutrition & Fitness Support 

  • Learn how to properly meal prep

  • Access to 120 delicious recipes 

  • Learn how to eat from a place of self love 

  • Build your workout confidence 

  • Goal setting and action plan 

  • Access to the private Facebook Group

  • Accountability support & check ins ​


  • A FREE Meditation session with meditation expert Vas Solo valued at over $200.00

  • A chance to win a Free Astrology Birth Chart reading by Astrologer Susannah Sadler, valued at $150.00 

  • A chance to win a set of exercise bands valued at $50.00

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